We are under siege

Hello everyone. These are most recent letters to President Obama.

Dear President Obama,
We are in the midst of a coup. YOU CAN AND MUST STOP THIS! This election was openly fraudulent. Both democrats and republicans acted shamefully and illegally, as did foreign entities. We need a new and fair election, where every vote counts equally.
Donald Trump openly invited Russia to attack the United States Secretary of State’s sensitive documents, specifically to harm her, and probably our government, and benefit him. How is that not treason? And when they apparently took him up on it, how is that a fair election?
He is clearly dangerously unstable, a pathological liar, and in violation of nepotism and financial and political disclosures, with far too many undisclosed and unresolvable conflicts of interest to be a fair president. He did not win the popular vote. YOU STILL HAVE POWER. YOU CAN STOP THIS! DECLARE A TEMPORARY STATE OF EMERGENCY, and call for a new election, as follows.
January 20 – February 20 Voter registration for any citizen 18 and older who wants to register. Candidates have this month to share their notions of governing.
February 20th. Ballots are mailed to each voter, from the office of the president. The names on the ballot are any of those who ran in the 2016 election who still want the job. The order of candidates on the ballot is randomly chosen. All ballots are the same.
February 20-March 20 People are receiving their ballots, voting, and mailing them back to secure locations, which are being counted and verified all month, as they come in.
March 20th, last day for ballots to be received, and final votes are counted. The system used is called instant runoff voting. Majority wins.
March 20-May 20th The fairly elected president –elect organizes their new administration.
May 20th- New inauguration day, you hand over power to a fairly elected new president, and the world will collectively give a big sigh of relief and be a more peaceful and honorable place.
My personal hope is that Senator Bernie Sanders will then become our next president. He is the one person truly capable of reining in the insanity and bringing true security to us all, through peaceful and honorable ways and means. But whoever wins, may it be a fair election and a fair administration.
Please Mr. President, stop this COUP d’etat from destroying the world. It really is that serious. I hope you get to read this.
Sincerely, joyous rainbow Cat Henig, PO Box 971, Paonia, CO 81428 970-361-0565 RainbowGal017@gmail.com

President Obama, You have one last chance today to earn the peace medal you were pre-emptively given, with the hope and expectation that you would be a peace president. Clearly you have not been, in too many ways to count here. Drone strikes are only one atrocity you commit. Earn your medal, sir. STOP THE WAR ON CANNABIS. You continue to wage open war upon peaceful people and a profoundly necessary and extremely beneficial plant. You already know the sacred cannabis plant is an energy of peace and abundance. Stop this war Immediately, and pardon anyone injured by it.
And YOU MUST FREE LEONARD PELTIER. He was unjustly imprisoned, a victim of 500 years of ONGOING GENOCIDAL ATROCITIES occurring to native peoples of this land. He is quite ill, including a severe aneurism and diabetes. He has suffered for forty years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Ballistics evidence that proved he was innocent was withheld from his trial. The fbi agents, and the us govt, acted illegally, as they have since long before there was ever a consolidated federal government. Amnesty international and many others, apparently including Pope Francis, are pleading for his release. Release him immediately, and acknowledge 500 years of atrocities, of genocidal and enslaving policies that continue to this day.
And DECLARE A STATE OF EMERGENCY, do not relinquish power to a new version of Hitler. He was not fairly or legally elected, does not have popular support, and did not win the majority of votes, and there was foreign intervention, so it was not a fair election. My previous letter to you yesterday outlined how to do it. The white house contact page does not give me enough space to share it again.
Make all the DACA folks legal permanent residents. They trusted you, they gave you their info, and now they are in extreme danger from this incoming dangerous being.
There is so much more, but I will end it here. Declare a state of emergency, insist that DT share his finances and obligations, and his connections with Russia and others.
I hope you read this. Please care, Please help. Critical and urgent are understating the magnitude of the issues.
Sincerely, joyous rainbow cat Henig, POB 971, Paonia, CO 81428 970-361-0565,