Call for a fair election

We the life force energy of planet earth want peace and abundance. Violent beings of destruction have been invading and stealing our world for so long, well-documented on this part of mother earth for over 500 years, and yet still unacknowledged by the invaders. Since 1492 we have been being warred upon, for over 500 ongoing years and it must stop. We are under siege. We are in the midst of a coup d’etat, and only we the people can stop it. We the people need a new election, and we the people have to create it, and the illegal, immoral us govt has to accept our results.
We the people have the right to a fairly elected government, and this one quite clearly and openly is not that. We call for a fairly elected, justice and compassion oriented govt, an inclusive government whose policies help bring all our world to be better for our next seven generations and beyond. We the people have a right to a fair election and a living earth, honoring all life, human critter plant and stone.
We the people call for a fair, just, and inclusive recall election where every vote counts equally, using the Instant Runoff Voting system, or something similarly fair.
This election was abysmally and dismally stolen by too many entities to count. Democrats did terrible things, republicans did terrible things, outside influences did terrible things, and the electoral college is a terribly unfair and racist system which has it’s roots in slavery.
Donald Trump openly invited Russia to attack the United States Secretary of State’s sensitive documents, specifically to harm her, and probably our government, and benefit him. How is that not treason? And when we are told by our govt that they took him up on it, how is that a fair election? The fbi director’s appalling actions also unfairly influenced the election.
We the people have a right to a fairly elected govt that represents our national and world interests above their own personal enrichment. This incoming president promised to drain the swamp, but instead is filling it with predators of all sorts. This incoming president lost the popular vote by almost three million votes, and his approval rating at the time of his inauguration is only 32%. We the vast majority of every aspect of our nation and our world reject him and his abhorrent choices. We the people want to choose who we vote for, and we the people have the right to choose those who represent all our best interests. I believe the constitution gives us the right to a fair election.
DJT is clearly dangerously unstable, a pathological liar, and in violation of nepotism and financial and political disclosure policies, with far too many undisclosed and unresolvable conflicts of interest to be a fair or honorable president. He did not win the popular vote, and we the people do not want him..
We the people demand a fair and just election, where we the people get to choose who we the people want to govern us for the next four years.
So I call for a new election, dates to be determined, as enough of us sign on. We can take back our world, and bring in an Aquarian age of peace that includes all life.
Month 1: Voter registration for any citizen 18 and older who wants to register. Candidates have this one month to share their notions of governing, with fair and equal funding. Money does not buy this election.
Month 2: Ballots are mailed to each voter. The names on the ballot are any of those who ran in the 2016 election who still want the job. The order of candidates on the ballot is either randomly chosen, or in alphabetical order. All ballots are the same.
Month 2: People are receiving their ballots, voting, and mailing them back to secure locations, which are being counted and verified all month, as they come in.
Last day of Month 2: Last day for ballots to be received, and final votes are counted. The system used is called instant runoff voting. Every vote counts. Majority wins.
Month 3, Day 1: We have a fairly elected president.
Month 3-Month 4: The fairly elected president –elect organizes their new administration.
First day of Month 5:- New inauguration day, we the people have a fairly elected new president and governing body, and the world collectively gives a big sigh of relief, and the USA becomes a more peaceful and honorable place, and we bring in the Aquarian age of peace, abundance, and harmony.
My personal hope is that Senator Bernie Sanders will then become our next president. He is the one person truly capable of reining in the insanity and bringing true security to us all, through peaceful and honorable ways and means. But whoever wins, may it be a fair election and a fair administration.
Sincerely, joyous rainbow Cat Henig, PO Box 971, Paonia, CO 81428 970-361-0565