Good morning all!  I did call Juliana yesterday, and yes I was welcome to come stay at her home last night.  She is a very lovely being, as is her family. I was able to get a bath, and slept on a very comfy futon for as long as I wanted.  I am still at her lovely home, able to connect to internet, and will even be able to get some letters printed.  So I am feeling quite refreshed, and the weather has warmed up a little as well, which is enormously helpful.  Thanks for caring!  Much love to all, and please do spread the word as far and wide as you can.  The only way this is going to work is if enough people put out the effort, call the President, insist he do these right and just things.  Peace for ALL life!

Latest letter to pres 10-19-2015

Dear President Obama, I am still out here, fasting on water only, and freezing beyond measure.   i am not going away, though this weather might kill me.  Is that your hope?  I will just go away and die?  Well I’m not going to.  I’ve been sending you long snail mail letters, and short emails, so hopefully by now you’ve read something of mine, but I will update you anyway.  This is the eighth day of a water-only fast for peace for all life. I have been spiritually called to do this, I began on October 12th, because columbus was a genocidal kidnapping murdering enslaver, not a hero, and certainly not a discoverer of anything.
and am planning to continue until we speak and these issues are adequately resolved, or I die from your lack of concern.
I am staying outside in the freezing cold, on a church bench that I am now told I can no longer use, and I simply cannot carry everything I need to survive and keep warm, and as you may know, here in DC they insist that you carry all your belongings with you everywhere, even if you are only going twenty feet.  I have a small build, five feet tall and 100 pounds, so this is not a fun day in the park for me.  I am asking for a meeting with you to discuss the many issues I have been writing to you about.  I am asking you to free Leonard Peltier.  Amnesty International also recognizes the injustice of his situation and also calls for his release.  I am calling on you to finally and completely legalize the very holy, sacred, and currently much maligned cannabis plant.  You are clearly aware that it’s the right thing to do, something that needed to be done as soon as you entered office seven years ago.  But you didn’t, so I guess you need a push, and I am here to provide that.  I am asking you to cede the Sacred Black Hills of South Dakota back to the rightful inheritors–Honor the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty. I am asking you to acknowledge that we as a nation did not spring from nothing 200 years ago, creating a govt of freedom and justice for all, but are really born of over 500 years of genocidal enslaving warring, which to this day has not ended or ever been acknowledged.  Please, sir, be the hero the Nobel committee recognized you to be, and do these necessary and right things.  There is more, but your email system does not allow for much, so I will end it here.  I live in Colorado and I am here in DC to accomplish this very challenging task.  I ask for your help and participation.  Thank you.
Sincerely, Joyous Rainbow

March against Monsanto

What an auspicious day! October 16th, there’s something powerful about it for me. On this date in 1969, the New York Miracle Mets won the world series. I had been an avid fan that year, making scorecards for every game, keeping score, knowing all the players, many of whom I was in love with. It was a very fun year, culminating on this date, October 16th, 1969. They beat the Baltimore Orioles, 5 games to one. They were a hundred to one shot, and they beat the odds, overcame obstacles, came together as a team and won. It was such a fun year for me.

And then came the trading, and my heart broke. The management, in their infinite wisdom—you know-penny wise, pound foolish- instead of keeping that awesome team together to do it again next year, nope, they sold off many of their finest players, because they could make a lot of money for themselves. Buying and selling, and no consideration for anything beyond how to make more money. I was crushed, so crushed that I stopped watching and enjoying baseball. I’ll watch it if it’s on, but I won’t seek it. My love died a harsh death.

It was also on this date in 1986 that I had my extremely profound, life-changing aha chicken moment, when I first became aware of terribly violent abuses occurring to animals raised for food, and hence became completely vegan by january first, 1987. If you don’t know it already, you can read The Chicken Story right here on this blog! 🙂

So today a good bunch of us gathered right here in Lafayette Park, folks spoke for 45 minutes or so, then we walked on to several stops, including the epa and Monsanto, among others. We’d spend time at each place, and people would speak of their experiences, and of facts and figures, and truth, lies, and deceptions. I could hear very little of it. I did speak a little outside Monsanto. Not the whole thing, but some. Tomorrow the rally continues at the capitol from 12 to 4, and I hope and intend to say much more tomorrow.

As for me, it’s now the end of the fifth day of water-only, and I continue to be fine and dandy. For many hours today I walked and marched and stood, sitting when I could to be sensible, with lots of folks who know and care about the poisoning occurrin,. My back and I were not delighted to have the knapsack on for much of the day while walking, but I am fine, on the church bench outside, and there is music tonight, right across the street. Over just now. My energy has not sagged even a little, though I really wish I could be in my tent, out of the wind. Away from the noise and lights would be great, too. Oh well. I am grateful to be here.

More to write, met great folks, Donna and Juliana. I’ll tell you in the morning. My hands are cold and I am sleepy. And I have to pee, which is illegal. 11:08p

Good morning all! It’s Saturday morning, now 9:58a DC time, and I am back in the church so I can use my hands and write. It’s cold out there, so I need to stay bundled up, and about an hour ago I was about to come in here, but someone needed me to watch his things, and he takes some time to do whatever his needs are, so now I am here at ten am as the bells are ringing on time this hour. Sometimes it’s two minutes late, sometimes one, and right now it’s on time.

My energy remains excellent, and I have no residual pain or discomfort from the walk yest. It really isn’t much or any more than I’ve been doing most days anyway. Today the rally starts at noon at the Capitol.

I met more wonderful folks yesterday. I met Donna early, and she and I had a lovely rapport. I look forward to getting to know her more. She lives in Annapolis, and does come into DC, has a son who lives here in town, and she offered help and a place to stay if I want it. She was not coming back today, so I did not go stay with her last night.

We were told that St. Steven’s church on 16th and Newton had agreed to house the marchers last night, and the organizers said yes that was true, and yes I was welcome, though I had not officially registered. I thought it could be good, talking with more folks, sleeping inside and able to stretch out would be really helpful, but it was far away, about two miles down the road. Donna’s son ordered an UberTaxi for her, and they took me first to St. Stevens. So I went in, found a group of people doing a ceremony, got directed to a bathroom, then participated in the rest of the ceremony, which was about what we commit to do for the good of all. I spoke a bit about my calling and journey to peace for all life, and that it was the fifth day of a water only fasting prayer vigil for peace for all life. When it was over, several people came up and asked about what I’m doing, and shared their gratitudes with me.

Then they were all leaving, and it turned out I had come upon a whole other thing, and they had no idea about the rally to stop GMO’s, and no the church was not staying open, yes she would have been told. So I was going to have to find somewhere else to sleep, or walk two or more miles, which was not my first choice. I need to conserve energy, though it remains fabulous. So I asked a bunch of times if anyone had a car and could give me a ride, but no one responded, so I prepared to walk back. When I got outside, someone asked if I needed money for a taxi ride, which I had not even considered doing and didn’t have the funds to use on such luxury anyway, and she gave me $20.00. Thank you! Then right after that, I met another woman from that same group who was just getting to her car and asked if I needed a ride! She hadn’t heard me ask. I tried to find the other woman who had given me the 20 to tell her I no longer needed it, but she was gone, and I am grateful for the gift.

Juliana turned out to be wonderful, too. And I missed an opportunity. She offered her home to me as well, and I don’t know why I didn’t take it. Yes I do. Conserving resources. She was not planning to come back into the city Saturday (and I’m never sure if I might be imposing), so again I didn’t take the offer, and slept on the church bench. Juliana Barnet, Life in the liberated zone. An activist culture awareness initiative. And she has a book, Rainwood House Sings, A Social Justice Mystery. Print and e-book orders: www.RainwoodHouse.com I hope I get to spend some time and get to know her better. I enjoyed her energy very much, for what little time we had.

So again, lots of wonderful connections, and help when I need it. It’s 10:53a now. I will leave here in about a half hour, and find my way to the capitol building.

Which i did,ow back at library which is closing.  They did not let me speak.

updating the pres. 10-16-2015

Dear President Obama, This is the fourth day of my fasting prayer vigil for peace for all life, and I am doing this right across the street from your home, in Lafayette Park. I continue to ask for a meeting with you. I began on October 12th, what some call Columbus day and I see as a day of mourning and acknowledgement. I recognized a call to this peace walk/journey to peace for all life on your birthday, August 4th, 2001. While preparing to walk for peace, 9-11 happened, and I realized that I got the call a month earlier because my walk and journey are not about those events, but about 500 years of events that must be acknowledged to heal and move forward.  I am asking you to acknowledge that we are not in fact a nation born 200 years ago with liberty and justice for all, but in truth are formed from over 500 years of genocide, enslavement, and constant warring that has never ended. I am asking you to stop the war against cannabis and hir appreciators, and allow this holy sacred plant that gives us food, fuel, fibers, medicine, and is a teacher of peace to thrive and grow and help us all again. I ask you pardon Leonard Peltier, a native Lakota man whose release Amnesty International also advocates. He is ill, diabetic from the wonderful food in prison, and in seriously poor health. He was unjustly imprisoned 40 years ago by the US govt, and must be free to experience life and air and earth before he dies. Thanksgiving would be a perfect time for it. I ask you to acknowledge the atrocities of factory farming instead of the absurdity of pardoning turkeys at thanksgiving.  Declare the Yellowstone Bison a Protected National Treasure, honor the 1868 Treaty-Black Hills back to indigenous. No pipelines. Much more, sir. Please care.  I continue to request a meeting with you to discuss these urgent matters that can no longer be ignored. I ask you to stand up to Monsanto, and stop genetic mutilation and lies about our foods. There is a rally and march here tomorrow. Please stand with us.  So much more, sir. Thanks for your time. Please meet with me. In Peace, Joyous Rainbow

All continues well

Hello all.  Today is Wednesday October 14th, 2015, the third day of my fasting prayer vigil for peace for all life, and I feel really excellent.  I have plenty of energy, my mood is joyous :-),  I have amazing help when I need it, and more.  I have lightened my load radically, and I feel really good about it.   I am now only carrying my camelpak knapsack, not the big backpack, and not too much in the pack, either (though of course it is stuffed to the brim!).  It is light and easy to manage, which will help in days to come.  I went back to Roberta’s home yest to drop off most of what I was carrying, and watch the debate.   Roberta has become my fairy godmother here.  I stayed with her and her family for a few days , and she is allowing me to store things in her home, she made awesome prayer flag type signs for me,  she has driven me to and from the train station so I can get to DC several times now, and much more.  I am so grateful to her and her family, who have welcomed me completely.  Please send her and her entire family positive prayers, some of her relatives are in serious need of healing prayers.

So thanks for being here and keeping up with this journey to peace for all life.  I am writing this from the Martin Luther King Jr library on 10th and G in the heart of DC.  I am learning my way around slowly but surely, and am meeting many wonderful and inspiring people.  I hope to meet President Obama one of these days! 🙂  I do believe in miracles.  They happen all the time, and why not?  The time for positive change is now.  We are all the catalysts for those changes.  What we support is what thrives.  May all live in peace, and share that joyful peace with all the world.  Much love.

Fasting for peace in DC

Hello all my relations!  The time is finally here, so i am in Lafayette Square Park, directly facing the White House, and I have begun the fast.  I am allowed to be here, as long as i am not sleeping or camping.  I am not allowed to have a sleeping bag spread out, so i will sleep sitting up tonight, and tomorrow apply for the permit, which is highly unlikely to be given, but i am here, and i will continue to be here or somewhere here, until our president acknowledges our true heritage of 500 ongoing years of genocidal, enslaving, warring  abominations that continue to this day.  I am praying for the president to finally free Leonard Peltier, to protect the last of the truly wild and genetically intact bison.  I am praying for President Obama to finally end the horrific warring against the sacred cannabis plant, and allow those many gifts back into our world.  I am asking for much more, and you can read that in other places here.

I just want you to know that i am safe, and am doing what i can to manifest a peace and abundance oriented world.  Thank you to everyone who supports me and this quest for peace for all life.

I hope this publishes.  Please do leave a comment if you are willing.  Many thanks, Joyous Rainbow cat 🙂


emailed letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama, I am about to undertake a water-only fast at Lafayette Park, across from The White House, beginning October 12, 2015, to talk about how we can get to peace for all. I am asking to meet with you before I begin on October 12. I want you to acknowledge the original genocider- Columbus , and the 500 ongoing years of genocide he began. We must tell the truth. Make Oct. 12 a day of acknowledgement, teaching, truth-telling, wisdom-sharing, and healing. Call it Indigenous Day.

I am asking you to give clemency to Leonard Peltier. Release him now, let him breathe real air, see the sky, feel the earth, and experience what’s left of the life that was stolen from him.

I am asking you to designate the Yellowstone Bison as “a Protected National Treasure”, no longer to be injured or destroyed.

Mr. President, the cannabis plant is a sacred plant teacher of peace and abundance. It is also the very best biomass fuel on this planet. It gives us food, fuel, clothing, shelter, and healing medicine. It a true sharer of peace. This violent war against peaceful people and beneficial plants must end now.

I am asking you to honor the Treaty of 1868, which gives clear and forever ownership of the Sacred Black Hills to the Lakota et al. It is a sacred land. The US Govt must honor the treaty.

The pipelines are death incarnate. Consider our world seven generations from now, if you do not stop this travesty. The pipeline will not remain intact forever. It will leak and poison the literally essential life-giving aquifers, and much of life on earth will die.   You can and must stop it this travesty.

Fracking poisons and destroys our world daily.  Nuclear plants are also deadly forever.   Institute a real energy initiative. Renewable fuels, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass. Of by and for life on earth.

The nobel committee recognized your intrinsic call to be a peacemaker. Please use that ability to do these right and good things now, and be the hero you are meant to be.

There are many more issues I need to discuss. We can manifest a peace and abundance oriented world, and I hope to have your participation.

Much love and gratitude to you. I am sorry to make your very hard job harder, but these are critical things that must be addressed. Thank you.


Joyous Rainbow, peace advocate

Joyous Rainbow, PO Box 971, Paonia, CO 81428-0971     970-985-0164

WWW.JoyousRainbow.com; Rainbow4peace@peacemail.com; Lovepeacejoy017@gmail.com

Letter to President Obama

Humans free to love

Critters free to roam

Plants free to grow

Spirit free to soar


Dear President Obama,

I’ve been writing to you for years; I hope you have been reading my letters :-). I emailed you a very shortened version of this letter. I hope you read it.

As a believer in peace for all life—human critter plant and stone, I believe peace on earth is actually a doable thing and there are positive and viable ways to manifest it. There are many facets to peace, of course; and truth with compassion is what can set us free.

So, President Obama, I am planning to put myself in a bit of a personal challenge to bring about that peace. I intend to do a water-only fast at Lafayette Square near the White House, and I plan to begin on October 12th, 2015, which is currently called Columbus day. I want to bring acknowledgement from the US govt that Columbus is not someone to be honored, but recognized as the beginning of 500 years of ongoing devastation. The name, the teachings, and the awareness must change, and the US govt must apologize for it’s part in 500 years of abominations. So I will drink only water, and take in no nourishment, pray for peace, and talk about why I am fasting. I ask to meet with you before the fast begins, or any time at all that works for you.

President Obama, this is my prayer, my hope, my dream and my vision. In early August of 2001 (actually on your birthday but the world did not yet know you) I recognized a spiritual call to walk for peace, which I was excited about manifesting. A month into the preparations, the 9/11/2001 events occurred, and I felt sure that the spiritual call I recognized a month before that is because my walk and my journey are not about that one event, or subsequent events. For me it has always been about 500 years of events on this part of the earth that I believe we can heal. We must begin somewhere, and though I cannot do much, I can sit and pray for peace, and I can fast and talk with folks about peace and war and which world we choose, and what we support. So that is what I intend to do, beginning October 12th, 2015. Let’s have the conversation about 500 years of history, and 200 years of US government. The truth can set us free.

I ask you as the highest representative of U.S. Government, to acknowledge the truth about 500 years of genocidal warring and enslavement toward all forms of life on the planet—human critter plant and even stones. The devastation and losses are incalculable, so much knowledge, wisdom, and life – forever gone and unrecoverable. Some aspects of these wars have changed, but continual war has been documented on this part of the planet and it’s inhabitants for over 500 years. At some point, if we are ever to have peace, there must begin a process of acknowledgement and reconciliation. I believe there are viable ways to do it, it is time, and you are the person to accomplish it.

I am asking you to acknowledge that the US govt was not founded with truth, liberty, and justice for all on July 4th, 1776. It was founded by and for euro-descent pale-skinned men for the strengthening of their own power, and completely excluded everyone else. There were no indigenous people or African-descent people, and no women of any heritage included in the newly documented new world power that the world would now have to contend with.

That’s really what the declaration of independence asserted. It introduced a new official power, based in genocide and enslavement. That’s a hard truth, but it’s a truth. There was no inclusion or even mention of any indigenous beings included in the newly forming govt whose land they were on. No, those people were genocided, their lands stolen and decimated, their people and their ways of life obliterated from the planet. A govt based not on liberty and justice for all, but on genocide and abominations. They let it be known that they had power, and they would destroy anyone or anything in their way. They had been doing it for hundreds of years before they ever coalesced into the US govt. It’s time to tell the truth, so we can begin to heal.

There are positive ways to begin. Please grant immediate and full clemency to Leonard Peltier, an indigenous Lakota man who has been in prison for over 40 years. Amnesty International recognizes him as a political prisoner and advocates actively for his release. He is fighting 500 years of genocide and abomination. He was never tried fairly, and the appalling deceits, witness tampering, evidence tampering, and lies of the FBI and other governmental entities must be acknowledged and rectified. This man must be freed – why not do it on thanksgiving this year? Please Mr. President, instead of pardoning turkeys who will soon die anyway from their horrifically manipulated bodies, genetically bred to produce more meat than their bodies can support, why not acknowledge the truth of the animal abominations everywhere, and then give a legitimate pardon to Leonard Peltier? Would that not represent one of the more honorable sentiments behind the holiday instead of the truly offensive gesture with the turkey?

Another of the many egregious atrocities has been the ongoing genocidal slaughter of the only true remaining indigenous wild bison who live in Yellowstone Park and are being killed when they come out of the park to find food in the winter. There were once over thirty million of these magnificent beings roaming these lands. They were slaughtered to near extinction with less than thirty animals surviving in Yellowstone Park by 1880, all killed by agents of the US govt. in order to continue exterminating the native peoples who honored, respected, and utilized these magnificent animals for food, clothing, shelter, even spirituality. The abomination of it has never been acknowledged, and the slaughter, astonishingly, continues every winter. Please honor and protect the Yellowstone bison/buffalo, designate them a Protected National Treasure that can no longer be injured or destroyed. It’s the very least this nation can do for the few thousand genetically intact true wild descendants who still exist.

I am also asking you to honor the treaty of 1868, signed by officials of the US govt, stating that the Black Hills belong to the Lakota et al nations forevermore. The sacred Black Hills belong to the indigenous people of these lands. You can accomplish this, President Obama; the US govt signed that treaty, and you must honor it. If there was ever a time to show respect to those who came before us, that time is now and this would be one of many great ways to show it.

The US govt is notorious for not honoring treaties. We must begin the healing. The Black Hills of South Dakota are a deeply spiritual place to the Lakota, et, al. It is so sacred for them that they only do sacred ceremonies there and won’t actually live on the land. It is their origin, their beginning. Yet this sacred land has been stolen and continues to be desecrated in many ways and lived on by many who do not respect it. The land must be returned to the rightful inheritors. The US govt must honor it’s agreements, however late they may be. Honor the 1868 Treaty.

There are too many issues which need to be exposed to fit them all into one letter. The tar sands pipeline must be stopped. This is insane. Even if there were never any problems with it (which is not wise to trust), it is a finite fuel. Whatever will occur when those tar sands run out, that’s what we must do now. Consider the next seven generations. We have the technologies. What we need is a government that supports the health of life on earth and cares about the next seven generations, not a govt supported, controlled, and run by deadly corporations who care only about their own wealth, not anyone’s health.

The Lakota have a a prophecy. There was a vision of a black snake running through the land, killing everything in it’s path. Please, President Obama, stop this atrocity from occurring. Support clean and renewable fuels, wind and solar, geothermal, and of course biomass, of which cannabis gives us the best on the planet. We need to grow it, large scale, not put people in prison. You must stop these atrocities, and I am here to help you to do it.

The pipelines are death incarnate. Consider our world seven generations from now, if you do not stop this travesty.   The pipeline will not remain intact forever. It will leak and poison the literally essential life-giving aquifers, and much of life on earth will die.   You can and must stop it this travesty.

Fracking poisons our waters and destroys our world daily.   The earth is literally being broken apart, and not in earth-created ways. These notions of all energy all the time at any cost, is not sane, and must stop now.

Nuclear plants are also deadly forever.   Whoever lives on this planet half a million years from now could still get sick from nuclear plants of today. There is no safe nuclear energy, it must not be manufactured.

Institute a real energy initiative. Renewable fuels, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass. Of by and for life on earth.

Mr. President, most of us recognize humans as teachers, and many of us also recognize the critters of the earth as our teachers. Fewer of us recognize that plants can also be teachers, and the cannabis plant is one of those. Hir teachings are spirit-based, with peace, love, joy, and compassion for all life as the basic tenets, and one way she heals is by gently raising people’s spirits. There is also, of course, a wealth of scientific research proving the cannabis plant’s positive, healing effects on literally thousands of ailments. It has personally saved my life more than once when I have experienced severe asthma attacks. These are exactly the teachings and nourishing healing gifts we need to experience and share, to live in joyful healthy abundance and manifest peace with all life.

There are many facets to educating people truthfully and accurately about the importance of this plant, of course, but here’s an idea….I call it “not cattle, CCCATALL!” A Compassionate Campaign for Cannabis Awareness Truth Amnesty Abundance Legalization Liberty Laughter Light Love Peace and Joy! J. I think the US govt has a problem with the likely retribution that will erupt if they tell the truth – that they know and have known that this plant is safe, effective, extremely useful, and not dangerous. There will be hell to pay, so to speak. But that’s the idea of the amnesty portion of “not cattle, CCCATALL!”. This is a peace plant, so the warring stops here. There is much more to it all than I can explain in one letter.

Compensation, not retribution. With startup help for small businesses through government grants and tax incentives, the potential for cottage industries is immense! We need people to grow cannabis and manufacture products for fuel, for food, for fibers, for medicines, for spiritual teachings and nourishment of the body, mind, and soul. Think of the jobs! Cannabis truly can heal us as a nation while improving the economy! Look at the states that have already legalized recreational marijuana – their economies are being positively affected in a big way, and when the federal government stops warring on this entire plant, our entire world will benefit.

The cattle ranchers can grow cannabis as well. There are simply not enough resources to sustain the beef and dairy industries and their enormous use of so many resources. The cattle industries are not sustainable, and they need help. Cannabis is that help as well. Tax incentives to get started could help them dedicate some portion of their land to cannabis growing instead of cattle ranching, and then sell the seeds to the fast food companies who will create wonderful vegan hemp seed burgers, and everyone can win. Then they can also sell the other parts of the plants as well, the fibers and the cellulose, or create their own biomass operations and fuel themselves. There are many positive options for our agriculture industry to make necessary changes without losing money, and changes clearly must occur.

The cannabis plant is the teacher that can help bring us all out of darkness and into the light, when we are again able to access it’s spiritual nature without fear of retribution. This plant, with everything it stands for and can offer humanity, must be free, and we must educate our society to correct the disinformation that has existed for far too long. Acknowledge the truth of this war being waged by the US govt – a one-sided, violent war upon peaceful people and extremely beneficial plants. Tell the truth about the enormous usefulness of the cannabis plant, and the uselessness and devastation of warring. The cannabis plant gives us gifts of essential nutrition, the best living renewable biomass fuel on the planet, powerfully strong fibers that don’t require the poisonous pesticides that cotton plants need, and healing, non-toxic medicine. Yet we the people are openly and violently warred upon by the US govt for our appreciation and utilization of this plant. It’s also a teacher and sharer of peace, which is what will guide us all through, as the war against this holy sacred plant and hir appreciators finally ceases.

The US govt clearly knows this is a peace plant. Documents exist from the 1950’s saying so, and when this and other peace and wisdom energies became available to the masses in the 1960’s they helped bring about a huge peace and awareness movement. People recognized kinship with all life and refused to fight wars. Did the US govt delight and say “Yahoo! We found the way to peace on earth!”? No, as you well know, they jailed people for refusing to kill, and they declared actual war on the people and the plant, declaring a great gift of the earth officially illegal. Millions of people imprisoned with horrendously harsh sentences, uncountable lives devastated, for having anything (and sometimes nothing) to do with this holy plant of peace. Yet another aspect of 500 years of ongoing warring.

How can we honestly, as one nation, live in peace when our own govt keeps warring on us? In a sane world, the govt does not war on peaceful people and beneficial plants. It does not allow our foods to be manipulated, mutilated, grown with pesticides that keep reproducing inside our bodies. This is not what a sane govt should be supporting. An honorable government needs to act on behalf of the people it represents, not corporate monetary interests. That is sadly not the government we have, nor the government it was meant to be.

Mr. President, the cannabis plant needed to be legalized as soon as you entered the presidency, but you didn’t do it. My thought is that you must be under some immovable pressure, from where I clearly don’t know, so that’s why I am backing you into this corner, so to speak. If you need to be publicly embarrassed to do the right thing, I’m sorry to do it but I will if I must. Cannabis must be free, our planet and all life upon it needs this sacred gift. This war must stop and there are honorable ways to do it.

I honestly believe peace on the planet is attainable, a vibrant and challenging, exciting and accessible peace in this world. We have the tools, all we need are the people willing to utilize them. You have the courage, Mr. President. You have the capacity to change this world forever for the better. You can tell the truth of 500 ongoing years of genocide. You can free Leonard Peltier. You can protect the Yellowstone bison, and tell the truth about factory farmed animals. You can stop the war on cannabis, you can stop the funding, and you can stop the violence. You can tell the truth about this holy plant, and allow this plant’s enormous and multi-faceted benefits to jump into our world. We have everything to gain, and you really have nothing to lose.

President Obama, you were awarded a medal for peace. Maybe the Nobel committee had foresight, and saw that you would be the sane person in the US govt to finally tell the truth about the magnificent cannabis plant which is an energy of peace and abundance. Stop the warring, and allow our entire world to benefit by ending the bullying tactics that the US govt uses to keep this plant as suppressed as possible, world-wide. Things are changing, we the people are breaking free of the bonds of the govt, and we are insisting that we be heard. We want safe and abundant access to holy and beneficial plants.

Please allow me to meet with you, to share these ideas with you. Please, let’s do these things in a marvelously wonder-filled way. Let’s be honorable, truthful, compassionate and brave enough to do the right things, in the most timely manner for all, for the ultimate goal of peace for all life—humans, critters, plants, stones, and our very spirit. Peace on earth is possible, and the US govt can and must lead the way. So I am asking to meet with you in person, before the fast, before the publicity. Be the peace-maker we elected you to be. Do we have a govt that wars on peaceful people and multi-faceted renewable resources forever, or do we have a govt that honors and respects life and cares about the next seven generations? Do not be bullied, Mr. President, be strong. As you well know, change is not the same as loss, and change must occur.

Doing all these things, all these good and necessary things, will certainly earn you the peace medal you were given. Free Leonard Peltier. Acknowledge 500 years of genocide and warring. Honor the 1868 Treaty. Protect the sacred Yellowstone bison. Stop the war against cannabis. And insist that there be no pipeline, no fracking, and no nuclear energy! And please do tell the truth about the turkeys and all factory farmed critter and their tortured lives and horrible deaths.

I am most reachable by phone number 970-985-0164; or 760-969-8746. Email is rainbow4peace@peacemail.com. My mailing address is Joyous Rainbow, PO Box 971, Paonia, CO 81428.

There are many more issues I need to discuss.   We can manifest a peace and abundance oriented world, and I hope to have your participation. The nobel committee recognized your intrinsic call to be a peacemaker. Please use that ability to do these right and good things now, and be the hero you are meant to be.

I hope very much to hear back from you before I begin this fast, but I will publicly fast for these and more reasons. Yes sir, there are more reasons and more positive notions, but I have shared enough. I call on you to be the president that stopped the violence and brings a world of peace and abundance to our land.

Much love and gratitude to you. I am sorry to make your very hard job harder, but these are critical things that must be addressed. I sincerely thank you.

Peace for ALL life!

Joyous Rainbow Cat xxxxx

Sometimes peace walker, all times advocate for peace for all life, human critter plant stone and spirit.



First weekend in October events

I had a little event yesterday, inviting everyone to come hear why I am about to do this fast, and talk about how we get to peace for all life. I put the blurb in the paper, and I handed out hundreds of flyers, mostly at mountain harvest festival weekend, and talked to countless folks as well. But the heyokah aspect of me is strong, and thwarts me often. so even though I was at kvnf volunteering for five hours on Tuesday, I didn’t ask them to put the event on the community calendar. I have been appreciating mostly quiet time, so I’m not listening to radio, or even music. I listen mostly to the critters chirp at night. So I forgot about the community calendar, even though I was there.

And I also didn’t remember to put it on paonia message board, because in this world of extreme access to communication, I don’t communicate (argh!) so not many showed up. I was told there was also a festival happening a few miles down the road, and possibly lots of folks were there. I am very grateful to all those who came, and I know more wanted to but simply were not able, and held the event in their hearts. The star was Diego, who showed me many things on this computer, so I will do a video blog soon. Thank you, Diego!

Sunday morning Rema and I went to a wonderful place, the Center for SpiritualLiving, in Delta. They are a ‘Science of Mind” church, Ernest Holmes.   We were both really impressed and delighted with the people and their meeting place, and their message. They do what we tried to do at pcsa, but ultimately were unable to sustain.

We also then went to the trading post together, but of course rema does not like to hang around, and I needed to do a lot, so a lot still needs to get done.

Now it’s Sunday afternoon, 4:58p, and I am leaving Paonia on Tuesday morning. I am not prepared. So that’s my task today and tomorrow. And of course communicating.

I feel a bit like the fool in the tarot. I am about to step into the unknown once again, off a cliff in some ways, and trust that it will lead to the ultimate goal of peace for all life on planet earth—human critter plant stone and spirit. This is my prayer. May I be a positive helpful energy of by and for the cause of peace for all life. May I always do my part, whatever that may be. May all my thoughts words deeds prayers be those of love peace joy compassion truth and healing. Peace for all life. aho


Online letter to President

Note: the white house rejected my note, saying they have a limit of 2500 characters, and i have twice that.  so i will attempt to cut this down too.  suggestions appreciated!

Dear President Obama, Greetings and thanks to you for all your good works. I am writing this short(ish) note to tell you about an event I am about to undertake, to get your attention for some of the serious things that have yet to be done.

I am going to undertake a water-only fast at Lafayette Park, across the street from your home, beginning October 12, 2015. The philosophy of my life and my journey, which came while I was on a peace walk years ago, is: “Humans free to love, critters free to roam, plants free to grow, spirit free to soar, a philosophy of love peace and joy, with compassion and respect for all life.” I am beginning this fast on October 12th to bring attention to the original genocider, Columbus. We must tell the truth. Turn Columbus day into a day of acknowledgement, teaching, truth-telling, wisdom-sharing, and healing. Call it Indigenous Day.

There are too many issues in my heart to adequately share in this small space provided, so I have written a larger letter with more detail (still never enough space to write it all) coming through snail mail, but here are a few more highlighted reasons. There are more than these as well.

I am asking you to give complete clemency to Leonard Peltier, a native Lakota man unjustly imprisoned for over 40 years.  Amnesty International recognizes him as a political prisoner and has been actively advocating for his release for years now. Please Mr. President, release him, and let him breathe real air and see the sky and experience what’s left of the life that was stolen from him.

I am asking you to designate the YELLOWSTONE Bison as “a Protected National Treasure”. They are the last genetically intact still wild indigenous bison on this earth, who once numbered over thirty million, and were slaughtered down to less than 30 animals in the world, by agents of the US government back in the 1870’s and beyond. This abomination astonishingly continues every winter. This must end, and I believe I have a positive and beneficial solution.  I call it “not cattle, CCCATALL!” It’s a compassionate campaign for cannabis awareness truth amnesty abundance legalization liberty laughter light love peace and joy!

Mr. President, the cannabis plant is a sacred plant teacher of peace and abundance, and we are literally warred upon –US govt’s word—for wanting this plant in our world. This is a war that should never have been waged in the first place, and needed to end as soon as you became president, but you didn’t do it. There must be heavy forces stopping you, so you may need to be publicly embarrassed for this refusal to stop that war. Countless more lives have been forever destroyed from your reticence. This war, which I see as an ongoing extension of over 500 years of unacknowledged wars on this part of the earth must end. Cannabis can lead us to peace and abundance. It is the very best biomass fuel on this planet, a multi-faceted beneficial and renewable resource. It gives us food, clothing, shelter and healing medicine, which heals by gently raising people’s spirits, making it a true sharer of peace and compassion. This violent war against peaceful people and beneficial plants must end now.

I am also asking you to honor the Treaty of 1868, which gives clear and forever ownership to the indigenous Lakota. It is a sacred land the them, too sacred to live on. They only use it for spiritual ceremonies, yet others desecrate and abuse that land daily. The land must be returned, the US Govt must honor the treaty of 1868.

There can be no pipeline, XL or any other. It is death incarnate, and must be stopped. No matter how safe it ever could be, it is still a finite fuel source. We must consider what our world will be seven generations from now, if you do not stop this travesty from occurring. The Lakota have a prophecy. They see a big black snake slithering through the land, killing everything in it’s path. The pipeline will not remain intact forever, it will leak and poison the literally essential life-giving aquifers, and much of life on earth will die. This travesty cannot occur. You can stop it.

There are so many more issues, too many issues to state in one short note, so I am asking to meet with you in person, before the extreme water-only fasting challenge I am about to undertake in order to get your attention, so we can manifest a peace and abundance oriented world.  I really believe peace is possible, and I hope to have your participation. Here is all my contact info. I hope to hear from you.

Joyous Rainbow, PO Box 971, Paonia, CO 81428, 970-985-0164, or 760-969-8746, or 605-944-1491

WWW.JoyousRainbow.com; Rainbow4peace@peacemail.com; Lovepeacejoy017@gmail.com; joyousrainbow@yahoo.com

Much love and gratitude to you. You have the hardest job in the world, and I don’t want to make it harder, but these are critical things in my heart and they must be addressed. Thank you.


Joyous Rainbow, peace advocate