Encounter with secret service

First, the very good news is that the shelter had a bed for me last night, and now that I’m registered, I can have that bed every night, as long as I’m there between 7 and 8, pref 7:30, which is doable because I’m at the library and catch the shelter bus. So that is a big relief. I have figured out some shelter. It’s far from where I need to be, but it’s a bed every night. I am so grateful. You have to be out by 7am and the library doesn’t open until 9:30, so today was a good day to get back to Lafayette Square and re-connect there. And that’s where I had the encounter with secret service. It’s the service they provide that’s secret, not themselves. They are very obvious on their uniforms. The big suits with the sunglasses, not so much, but they came later.

I was sitting on a park bench, minding my own business, with my “journey to peace for all life” sign around my neck, (the one the kids from the charter school in Arizona made for me on my original peace walk all those years ago), and bundled against the cold, when the first three showed up, in their ss uniforms. Friendly, pleasant, and also quite intrusive. They frisked me, patted me down, searched my bags, interrogated me for quite a while, and then called in the suits with the sunglasses, who asked me many of the same questions. Do I have any weapons? Have I ever been hospitalized or diagnosed with any mental disorder or illness? Do I ever have notions of doing harm, to myself or others? Am I for or against Obama? Many more. They kept asking about weapons. I kept telling them I am a person of peace, and carry no weapons. Do you have any knives? A kitchen knife, but it’s being stored in Maryland. They took my pic close up, got all my ID, insisted I give them my soc sec number, and wanted a friend’s number, so they could verify who I am. I remained calm and pleasant, as did they. I told them I’ve been writing to the pres, and they asked to see the letter. I showed it to them. I gave them my card, which they copied and then gave back. It was probably a 45 minute or so encounter. I am on a journey to peace for all life, and that includes everyone. Maybe I planted some seeds. Maybe one or more of them will actually go to my website and read the stories and updates. They told me my hope of speaking with the pres is hopeless, but that’s their world. In mine, I believe in miracles. How could I not, they happen so often. So I am still here, still fasting. The weather did warm up a bunch, which is a big relief. Still cold for me, but way better than it was. And that’s the way it is, Thursday October 22, 2015, on the eleventh day of a water-only fast for peace for all life, in the belly of the beast, some say.