Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit

Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit

Hello all my friends, guides, and relations. There is much to say, but not at this moment. I simply want to inform and invite everyone that there is a Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit occurring, November 17, 18, and 19. Free on the web. Spiritual indigenous wisdom people sharing their wise ways and generations of spiritual teachings, bringing us all into their holy circles and wise teachings. I hope to listen to it all, if I can get internet access. I invite you to listen as well. The opening prayer is by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, who is the 19th carrier and protector of the sacred white buffalo pipe, originally given by White Buffalo Calf Woman all those genrations ago. May peace be with all beings. Go to the shift network, steven dinan, or input global indigenous wisdom summit, and it’s likely to be there. Much love and gratitude to all.

To President Obama re pipelines sent 11-11-15

Dear President Obama, I thank you again for rejecting the Keystone pipeline. My concern is that this was simply a political ploy to take attention away from the possibly twenty other pipelines that you did approve. Please tell me this is not the case. Did you reject all the tar sands pipelines, or did you just do a public relations “wool over our eyes” story? Is it real, or is it actually that many people literally put their lives on the lines, to block the KXL? Did you simply find it impossible to find a viable route through, so you are trying other pathways? Please tell me this is not the case, that you really did stand tall and do the right and correct thing. Whatever fossil fuels remain in the ground must remain there. We humans have squandered our inheritance by taking so much more than our sacred planet earth can healthfully give, and we have done almost nothing to truly protect hir. Please, Mr. President, do be sure that there are no other pipeline deals, ever. They are death incarnate, and will at some point poison the aquifers and the land, if they are allowed to be built.
I am still here in DC, still asking to speak with you, to share with you positive ways to bring our world into peace, truth, justice, and harmony. I am no longer fasting, but I remain on the prayer vigil for peace for all life. Please sir, time is so short, and we all have much to do. So I am asking you once again, as I have many times now, to please consider the next seven generations in all your decisions and choices. Please stop warring on all of us. You are in charge, and you can stop it. Start with cannabis, one of the greatest plants this world has ever given us, and the violent and abusive, powerfully insane US govt continues to war on peaceful people and the extremely beneficial cannabis plants. I am asking you to immediately free Leonard Peltier, a native Lakota political prisoner, whom Amnesty International also advocates for. This must occur. I have many other issues, too many for these short emails the White House will accept. Thanksgiving is coming up. What a fabulous way to do something real, pardon Leonard Peltier, not the idiocy of pardoning one or two turkeys that will soon die anyway from the genetic mutilation that makes them grow bigger than their organs and bones can support. Tell the truth about factory farming. Stop the war on cannabis. Free Leonard Peltier. So much more. Please care. Please be honorable. Thank you.

Update sent to Pres Obama 11-05-15

Nov 5th, 2015 update to President Obama
Good morning, Mister President! As ever, I thank you for your service. By now you may have read my letters to you, and I also hope that my encounter with your secret service police informed you of more of what I am up to. I am here in DC to do a water-only FASTING PRAYER VIGIL FOR PEACE FOR ALL LIFE, which I began on October 12th. Please go to my website , where you can read more, including the letters I’ve been writing to you.
But then life shifted again, and on Day 18 of the fast I wound up in the hospital, because I overdid some exertion, and that was not wise while fasting. All I needed was to lie down for a bit, but that option was not available to me in DC, unless I went to the hospital, so I broke down and agreed. Once there, I had to cease fasting so my blood numbers would go back to normal, and I could continue this quest and mission for peace, which I am again ready to pursue, though without fasting.
So again, here are the main issues:
The US Govt must stop warring on peaceful people and extremely beneficial plants, especially CANNABIS. it is a plant energy of peace and abundance, so the plant itself will guide us. I want to help.
Leonard Peltier must be given clemency and freed immediately. He has been an unjustly imprisoned political prisoner for over 40 years, and he is quite ill. Amnesty International agrees he must be freed.
Designate the Yellowstone Bison as “A Protected National Treasure”, never again to be injured or slaughtered unjustly.
Honor the 1868 Fort Laramie treaty, acknowledging the Black Hills of South Dakota belong to the indigenous, whose land was clearly stolen and must be returned.
There can be no pipeline, XL or any other. It is death incarnate, and must not be allowed.
No more finite death fuels, including nuclear. Clean renewable energy only.
Acknowledge the truth of our beginnings. The USA was not born from nothing on July 4th, 1776, with liberty and justice for all, but in fact have our beginnings over 500 years ago, from genocide, enslavement, and ONGOING warring. I am asking you to officially change October 12th from Columbus day to Indigenous Awareness Day.
Genetic mutation and poisoning of our food supply must end immediately. This travesty knows no bounds.
I know you alone cannot do it all, but you can do a lot, so please do care, and stop these atrocities occurring on your watch. Thank you.
Sincerely, Joyous Rainbow Cat xxxxx

Big changes

This update is long overdue, but I needed to sort out some things first. I wound up in the hospital last Thursday, because I exerted myself more than my body could easily handle, and was unable to easily recover. All I actually needed to do was to lie down for a bit, but I was at a women’s day shelter at the time, and since rules are worth more than people, there was no one in the place willing to allow me to lay on a floor for bit. I had to remain sitting up, and then they walked me out, which was when I vomited water and a bit of yellow bile from the over-exertion. Even though I was outside in their courtyard, and most of the staff was leaving, still I was not allowed to lie down anywhere, not on a bench and not on the ground. That was all I needed, but rules are rules and the simple needs of people clearly do not count.
They knew I was fasting, and that I am an experienced faster and know the simple need to rest, but since they are not familiar with fasting, they did not understand the simple need I had, to simply rest on the ground for a short while. I would have had at least three and a half more hours of exertion before I would be able to lie down, so that was how they convinced me to let them call the paramedics for me. “Joyous, if you let us call them for you, they will let you lie down.” And once that happened, they took me to a (wonderful) hospital, put some fluids into me, and did blood work, which of course showed that my numbers were off because I was fasting. They told me they wanted to keep me overnight, and I agreed. Once I was there, the fast could not continue, since my blood numbers would not get back to normal until I ate, so I decided to break the fast and re-consider what I was doing, what my reasons and goals were, and how I could continue.
I got out Saturday, Roberta drove all the way into town (really challenging for her but she did it for me), and we went back to her home to re-group. I felt sad, frustrated, and quite disappointed that I was not able to maintain the fasting prayer vigil for peace for all life, and thought I was heading back to Colorado, but then I realized that this prayer vigil for peace does not necessarily have to be a fasting vigil (though fasting does make more of an impact), it can still be a prayer vigil, and then my world lightened up again. I didn’t need to quit what I was doing, I only had to stop the fasting portion of it. I can still do a prayer vigil at the White House, or wherever I happen to be. I just needed to figure out where to be at night. The women’s shelter where I had a bed at night was not a viable place to be, and they had given away the bed anyway.
I had been thinking about Juliana (and the serendipity that brought us together), and her offer to let me use her couch when I needed to, so I called, went over and had a good talk with her, and yes I could stay there. I looked in her back yard and asked if I could put up my tent, which would be truly fabulous for me. She said it gets quite swampy out there if it rains a whole lot, but we could put down some pallets if it became necessary. They had their family conference and the three of them agreed to allow me to stay for the duration of this vigil, which I intend to now continue through Thanksgiving. I can use the house as I need to, come inside if it gets too cold, kitchen and bathroom are available, and I can have my own space, do what I need, and go into town (a simple 45 minute bus ride every day) and do the vigil. I do not yet have permission to set up a chair and my banners in Lafayette Park, but that is next, now that I will have a safe and sensible place to be at night. My higher hope is that I can just stay at Lafayette Park day and night in a lounge chair and bundled against the cold, as a continuous prayer vigil, but I am told that will never happen. I will put it into the application, but I will accept daytime only if that is what makes it feasible.
So today Roberta will be driving me and all the things I brought, hoping to use; and now I will be able to. Yay, I get to stay in my tent at night, and advocate for true peace for all life during the day. I know I won’t be able to keep my tent up at Lafayette Park, since whichever law enforcement breaks down anything left unattended, even for five minutes for a bathroom break. The rules are that I must be within three feet of my event and all my things at all times, or it’s null and void, and they will break it down and not allow it back up again. All these lovely wonderful rules, clearly made for the betterment of society and all it’s participants. Just in case you didn’t get it, that was sarcasm . And so the adventure continues.