March against Monsanto

What an auspicious day! October 16th, there’s something powerful about it for me. On this date in 1969, the New York Miracle Mets won the world series. I had been an avid fan that year, making scorecards for every game, keeping score, knowing all the players, many of whom I was in love with. It was a very fun year, culminating on this date, October 16th, 1969. They beat the Baltimore Orioles, 5 games to one. They were a hundred to one shot, and they beat the odds, overcame obstacles, came together as a team and won. It was such a fun year for me.

And then came the trading, and my heart broke. The management, in their infinite wisdom—you know-penny wise, pound foolish- instead of keeping that awesome team together to do it again next year, nope, they sold off many of their finest players, because they could make a lot of money for themselves. Buying and selling, and no consideration for anything beyond how to make more money. I was crushed, so crushed that I stopped watching and enjoying baseball. I’ll watch it if it’s on, but I won’t seek it. My love died a harsh death.

It was also on this date in 1986 that I had my extremely profound, life-changing aha chicken moment, when I first became aware of terribly violent abuses occurring to animals raised for food, and hence became completely vegan by january first, 1987. If you don’t know it already, you can read The Chicken Story right here on this blog! 🙂

So today a good bunch of us gathered right here in Lafayette Park, folks spoke for 45 minutes or so, then we walked on to several stops, including the epa and Monsanto, among others. We’d spend time at each place, and people would speak of their experiences, and of facts and figures, and truth, lies, and deceptions. I could hear very little of it. I did speak a little outside Monsanto. Not the whole thing, but some. Tomorrow the rally continues at the capitol from 12 to 4, and I hope and intend to say much more tomorrow.

As for me, it’s now the end of the fifth day of water-only, and I continue to be fine and dandy. For many hours today I walked and marched and stood, sitting when I could to be sensible, with lots of folks who know and care about the poisoning occurrin,. My back and I were not delighted to have the knapsack on for much of the day while walking, but I am fine, on the church bench outside, and there is music tonight, right across the street. Over just now. My energy has not sagged even a little, though I really wish I could be in my tent, out of the wind. Away from the noise and lights would be great, too. Oh well. I am grateful to be here.

More to write, met great folks, Donna and Juliana. I’ll tell you in the morning. My hands are cold and I am sleepy. And I have to pee, which is illegal. 11:08p

Good morning all! It’s Saturday morning, now 9:58a DC time, and I am back in the church so I can use my hands and write. It’s cold out there, so I need to stay bundled up, and about an hour ago I was about to come in here, but someone needed me to watch his things, and he takes some time to do whatever his needs are, so now I am here at ten am as the bells are ringing on time this hour. Sometimes it’s two minutes late, sometimes one, and right now it’s on time.

My energy remains excellent, and I have no residual pain or discomfort from the walk yest. It really isn’t much or any more than I’ve been doing most days anyway. Today the rally starts at noon at the Capitol.

I met more wonderful folks yesterday. I met Donna early, and she and I had a lovely rapport. I look forward to getting to know her more. She lives in Annapolis, and does come into DC, has a son who lives here in town, and she offered help and a place to stay if I want it. She was not coming back today, so I did not go stay with her last night.

We were told that St. Steven’s church on 16th and Newton had agreed to house the marchers last night, and the organizers said yes that was true, and yes I was welcome, though I had not officially registered. I thought it could be good, talking with more folks, sleeping inside and able to stretch out would be really helpful, but it was far away, about two miles down the road. Donna’s son ordered an UberTaxi for her, and they took me first to St. Stevens. So I went in, found a group of people doing a ceremony, got directed to a bathroom, then participated in the rest of the ceremony, which was about what we commit to do for the good of all. I spoke a bit about my calling and journey to peace for all life, and that it was the fifth day of a water only fasting prayer vigil for peace for all life. When it was over, several people came up and asked about what I’m doing, and shared their gratitudes with me.

Then they were all leaving, and it turned out I had come upon a whole other thing, and they had no idea about the rally to stop GMO’s, and no the church was not staying open, yes she would have been told. So I was going to have to find somewhere else to sleep, or walk two or more miles, which was not my first choice. I need to conserve energy, though it remains fabulous. So I asked a bunch of times if anyone had a car and could give me a ride, but no one responded, so I prepared to walk back. When I got outside, someone asked if I needed money for a taxi ride, which I had not even considered doing and didn’t have the funds to use on such luxury anyway, and she gave me $20.00. Thank you! Then right after that, I met another woman from that same group who was just getting to her car and asked if I needed a ride! She hadn’t heard me ask. I tried to find the other woman who had given me the 20 to tell her I no longer needed it, but she was gone, and I am grateful for the gift.

Juliana turned out to be wonderful, too. And I missed an opportunity. She offered her home to me as well, and I don’t know why I didn’t take it. Yes I do. Conserving resources. She was not planning to come back into the city Saturday (and I’m never sure if I might be imposing), so again I didn’t take the offer, and slept on the church bench. Juliana Barnet, Life in the liberated zone. An activist culture awareness initiative. And she has a book, Rainwood House Sings, A Social Justice Mystery. Print and e-book orders: I hope I get to spend some time and get to know her better. I enjoyed her energy very much, for what little time we had.

So again, lots of wonderful connections, and help when I need it. It’s 10:53a now. I will leave here in about a half hour, and find my way to the capitol building.

Which i did,ow back at library which is closing.  They did not let me speak.

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In October of 1986, I had a profound spiritual awakening, aided by the sacred cannabis plant, which is an energy of awareness and compassion. I became aware that animals being raised for food were being violently and systematically abused. I explored and discovered that animal products were quite injurious to human bodies as well, so I chose to become vegan as of January 1st, 1987, and have eaten no meat since then. I have at times eaten some dairy, thankfully not for a very long time!. Becoming and being vegan continues to be a joyful experience that has changed my life forever for the better. Many other events transpired in life, and then on August 4th, 2001, I recognized a spiritual call to walk for peace for all life--human critter plant and stone. A month into those preparations, 9/11 happened, and I am sure I received my call a month earlier than that event because my walk and journey are not about that one event, for me it's about 500 years of events that I believe we must bring to light and in so doing make true peace a possibility. I did walk for some years, clearly not far enough or long enough, considering the state of the world. It's been quite an ongoing adventure. I now call it a journey to peace for all life...human critter plant stone and spirit. I've gotten somewhat lost along the way, giving in to my solitary and mute nature, unable to find a voice in this world of extreme communication. But though I feel so sadly undeserving of a voice for having been away for so long, still I must again speak up. And so I hope and pray that I do not go away again.

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