Good morning all!  I did call Juliana yesterday, and yes I was welcome to come stay at her home last night.  She is a very lovely being, as is her family. I was able to get a bath, and slept on a very comfy futon for as long as I wanted.  I am still at her lovely home, able to connect to internet, and will even be able to get some letters printed.  So I am feeling quite refreshed, and the weather has warmed up a little as well, which is enormously helpful.  Thanks for caring!  Much love to all, and please do spread the word as far and wide as you can.  The only way this is going to work is if enough people put out the effort, call the President, insist he do these right and just things.  Peace for ALL life!

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joyous rainbow

In October of 1986, I had a profound spiritual awakening, aided by the sacred cannabis plant, which is an energy of awareness and compassion. I became aware that animals being raised for food were being violently and systematically abused. I explored and discovered that animal products were quite injurious to human bodies as well, so I chose to become vegan as of January 1st, 1987, and have eaten no meat since then. I have at times eaten some dairy, thankfully not for a very long time!. Becoming and being vegan continues to be a joyful experience that has changed my life forever for the better. Many other events transpired in life, and then on August 4th, 2001, I recognized a spiritual call to walk for peace for all life--human critter plant and stone. A month into those preparations, 9/11 happened, and I am sure I received my call a month earlier than that event because my walk and journey are not about that one event, for me it's about 500 years of events that I believe we must bring to light and in so doing make true peace a possibility. I did walk for some years, clearly not far enough or long enough, considering the state of the world. It's been quite an ongoing adventure. I now call it a journey to peace for all life...human critter plant stone and spirit. I've gotten somewhat lost along the way, giving in to my solitary and mute nature, unable to find a voice in this world of extreme communication. But though I feel so sadly undeserving of a voice for having been away for so long, still I must again speak up. And so I hope and pray that I do not go away again.

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