Are you really with me?

hello everyone! I am still here in DC, fasting away, wasting away, 18th day now of a water only fast for peace for all life. The only contact i get with the govt is the interrogation, frisking and other pleasantries from the secret service police, but no response from any govt official. I need everyone who reads this to really care, don’t just friend me. Go to your own media outlets and get them to care. Send them my story, give them my contact info. Media is really closed off, very inaccessible, but i continue to try. I need you to try, too. And if anyone knows anyone friendly in the DC area who would be willing to put me up, or has funds and wants to put me up in a hotel someplace around here, that would be the greatest help. I stay in something like a prison shelter at night, and must be out before 7am. There is no place to rest my body or my aching back. If you lay on a bench or the grass, you will get literally kicked off. There is no forest, there is no living earth. It’s a concrete jungle out here. I so long to get back to lovely sane Colorado, but i remain committed to this. But i cannot do it alone. I need real help. I once did a 49 day fast, but that was in the summer, in a house, with help. None of those things apply here. So are you with me, or are you an armchair believer who just wants to hang out and let others put their lives on the line? I know this is a rough email. What I am going through is rougher, and I am continuing. I want an honorable, truthful govt that does not war on peaceful people and profoundly beneficial plants, and literally all the earth. How can you help me? Thank you, and peace for all life.

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joyous rainbow

In October of 1986, I had a profound spiritual awakening, aided by the sacred cannabis plant, which is an energy of awareness and compassion. I became aware that animals being raised for food were being violently and systematically abused. I explored and discovered that animal products were quite injurious to human bodies as well, so I chose to become vegan as of January 1st, 1987, and have eaten no meat since then. I have at times eaten some dairy, thankfully not for a very long time!. Becoming and being vegan continues to be a joyful experience that has changed my life forever for the better. Many other events transpired in life, and then on August 4th, 2001, I recognized a spiritual call to walk for peace for all life--human critter plant and stone. A month into those preparations, 9/11 happened, and I am sure I received my call a month earlier than that event because my walk and journey are not about that one event, for me it's about 500 years of events that I believe we must bring to light and in so doing make true peace a possibility. I did walk for some years, clearly not far enough or long enough, considering the state of the world. It's been quite an ongoing adventure. I now call it a journey to peace for all life...human critter plant stone and spirit. I've gotten somewhat lost along the way, giving in to my solitary and mute nature, unable to find a voice in this world of extreme communication. But though I feel so sadly undeserving of a voice for having been away for so long, still I must again speak up. And so I hope and pray that I do not go away again.

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