Online letter to President

Note: the white house rejected my note, saying they have a limit of 2500 characters, and i have twice that.  so i will attempt to cut this down too.  suggestions appreciated!

Dear President Obama, Greetings and thanks to you for all your good works. I am writing this short(ish) note to tell you about an event I am about to undertake, to get your attention for some of the serious things that have yet to be done.

I am going to undertake a water-only fast at Lafayette Park, across the street from your home, beginning October 12, 2015. The philosophy of my life and my journey, which came while I was on a peace walk years ago, is: “Humans free to love, critters free to roam, plants free to grow, spirit free to soar, a philosophy of love peace and joy, with compassion and respect for all life.” I am beginning this fast on October 12th to bring attention to the original genocider, Columbus. We must tell the truth. Turn Columbus day into a day of acknowledgement, teaching, truth-telling, wisdom-sharing, and healing. Call it Indigenous Day.

There are too many issues in my heart to adequately share in this small space provided, so I have written a larger letter with more detail (still never enough space to write it all) coming through snail mail, but here are a few more highlighted reasons. There are more than these as well.

I am asking you to give complete clemency to Leonard Peltier, a native Lakota man unjustly imprisoned for over 40 years.  Amnesty International recognizes him as a political prisoner and has been actively advocating for his release for years now. Please Mr. President, release him, and let him breathe real air and see the sky and experience what’s left of the life that was stolen from him.

I am asking you to designate the YELLOWSTONE Bison as “a Protected National Treasure”. They are the last genetically intact still wild indigenous bison on this earth, who once numbered over thirty million, and were slaughtered down to less than 30 animals in the world, by agents of the US government back in the 1870’s and beyond. This abomination astonishingly continues every winter. This must end, and I believe I have a positive and beneficial solution.  I call it “not cattle, CCCATALL!” It’s a compassionate campaign for cannabis awareness truth amnesty abundance legalization liberty laughter light love peace and joy!

Mr. President, the cannabis plant is a sacred plant teacher of peace and abundance, and we are literally warred upon –US govt’s word—for wanting this plant in our world. This is a war that should never have been waged in the first place, and needed to end as soon as you became president, but you didn’t do it. There must be heavy forces stopping you, so you may need to be publicly embarrassed for this refusal to stop that war. Countless more lives have been forever destroyed from your reticence. This war, which I see as an ongoing extension of over 500 years of unacknowledged wars on this part of the earth must end. Cannabis can lead us to peace and abundance. It is the very best biomass fuel on this planet, a multi-faceted beneficial and renewable resource. It gives us food, clothing, shelter and healing medicine, which heals by gently raising people’s spirits, making it a true sharer of peace and compassion. This violent war against peaceful people and beneficial plants must end now.

I am also asking you to honor the Treaty of 1868, which gives clear and forever ownership to the indigenous Lakota. It is a sacred land the them, too sacred to live on. They only use it for spiritual ceremonies, yet others desecrate and abuse that land daily. The land must be returned, the US Govt must honor the treaty of 1868.

There can be no pipeline, XL or any other. It is death incarnate, and must be stopped. No matter how safe it ever could be, it is still a finite fuel source. We must consider what our world will be seven generations from now, if you do not stop this travesty from occurring. The Lakota have a prophecy. They see a big black snake slithering through the land, killing everything in it’s path. The pipeline will not remain intact forever, it will leak and poison the literally essential life-giving aquifers, and much of life on earth will die. This travesty cannot occur. You can stop it.

There are so many more issues, too many issues to state in one short note, so I am asking to meet with you in person, before the extreme water-only fasting challenge I am about to undertake in order to get your attention, so we can manifest a peace and abundance oriented world.  I really believe peace is possible, and I hope to have your participation. Here is all my contact info. I hope to hear from you.

Joyous Rainbow, PO Box 971, Paonia, CO 81428, 970-985-0164, or 760-969-8746, or 605-944-1491;;;

Much love and gratitude to you. You have the hardest job in the world, and I don’t want to make it harder, but these are critical things in my heart and they must be addressed. Thank you.


Joyous Rainbow, peace advocate


Life is about choice

“Life is about choice, and from our choices our lives unfold”. That’s one of the profound teachings I received from the energies of the universe, when I asked a very deep and simple question, and actually got an answer. What makes it any more appropriate to take the life of the plant than it does to take the life of the animal? It’s all life, it’s all alive, we really all are all one connected energy, we really are all one spirit. How can I take anyone’s life, plant or animal?

I was in a conundrum. In some ways, it began when I became vegan seven years before that question arose. That’s when my awareness and connection began to really wake up. I gave up the office work life and went into a spiritual community, then moved to another spiritual community, moved back into the world while still following spirit, in my own mostly solitary and often hermitic ways.  Then I found love.

It was springtime.  My love and I lived far apart, so we each visited the other once a week. He was vegan for longer than I was , he ate lots of raw foods, he was a professional classical musician- my favorite music, he had a thriving organic garden, and he appreciated cannabis. I was in love with him, and I was also in love with his garden. I had not had much time around gardens in my life, so this was quite a treat for me.

One week I saw these beautiful, big yellow flowers. The next week those flowers had shriveled and there were these pregnant-looking green bulbs growing from the shriveled ends of the flowers. The next week i recognized zucchini. I was watching life live and grow, and I was connecting on some very deep levels. I was feeling friendship with those plant critters, recognizing the life they were living, and appreciating their beauty and energy.

And then my sweet love came out to the garden with a bowl and knife and lovingly asked if I would like to pick our dinner, and went back inside. So here was my conundrum. I was making friends with all these plants, recognizing kinship, and he wanted me to chop off their heads! That’s when the question that had been forming in me for a very long time came to the fore. “What makes it any more appropriate to take the life of the plant than it does to take the life of the animal?” It’s all life, we are all one spirit. I simply could not go forward until I knew, so I decided to simply sit in that garden and meditate until I had an answer.  It wasn’t a demand, I was simply unable to go forward.

Before I had even gotten all the way down to the ground, a beautiful blue light surrounded those plants. I felt a great peace and deep awe, and teachings began to stream through. Life is about choice, they said, and from our choices our lives unfold. We want you to eat us, they said. It’s not a taking, it’s a sharing. When you eat us, we get to see the world from your point of view, and you get to share our energy. We all win. What happens if you don’t eat us? We fall to the ground, decay, re-fertilize the earth, and try again to be food, because that is why we are here. It is different than creatures who move around and have families. Nourishment is our gift to you.  They also said to make the loving choice, whatever the situation.

They shared a gratitude for my use and advocacy of organic foods, and for being vegan, for honoring the earth and all life on it, and many more things than my brain could hold even when it was occurring. They did also say that not every animal on earth is unwilling to be used for food, but there is not one anywhere willing to be abused.

There were many more teachings and sharings that came through than I can remember. I know these wisdom teachings were not coming from my little self, because I was the one with the great conundrum. I treasure that experience to this day.

I have no idea how long that experience lasted, but when it was winding down, I felt inspired to break off a piece of a leaf, I believe it was kale, and chew it. It was the truest communion I ever experienced.


The chicken story

Back in October 1986, a friend and I got together for what I expected to be a fun event, but instead I experienced a powerful spiritual awakening which changed my life forever– for the better. My friend Nick and I had planned to cook a bunch of different fried chicken recipes. I had gotten a deep fryer and I was quite excited. He was originally from Greece and had those recipes. I was personally looking forward to experiencing the beer-batter.

I opened the plastic and styro packaging and began to rinse the legs. The first leg was broken, which distressed me. Then the second leg was also broken. When the third one also was, I began to get very distressed and by the end i wound up on the floor , sobbing. Every one of those legs in that package was broken.   Something was very wrong here. I even checked the package to see if maybe they just broke their legs to fit them better into the package, but no, they did not appear broken or crooked on the outside. Something had occurred while they were alive.

I had been cooking and eating chicken for a long time, and I had never noticed anything like that. I became aware immediately that these were not barnyard animals that had a good life pecking around in the dirt eating bugs and having their heads quickly and compassionately chopped off at the end of a healthy life. No, something was radically wrong here. This was 1986, and hardly anyone yet knew of the atrocities occurring constantly in ‘factory farms’. I certainly didn’t know, but the chickens did know, and that night, with the help of a spiritual teacher in plant form, they got through to me.

From the time I was originally introduced to it (just before my 19th birthday), I have had positive and insightful experiences with the cannabis plant. It was, however, a plant I had not been ingesting for some years at that time. It simply was not part of my life. But Nick brought some with him and I always enjoyed it, so I smoked a bowl before we began our cooking. One of the powerful spiritual gifts the cannabis plant offers is the gift of insight, and there was the powerful insight that night. These were not barnyard animals having a good life, they were tortured beings having a horrific experience. With the help of that holy plant, those abused birds, and my friend Nick, I woke up that night. And once that happens, you cannot go back to being unaware.

I knew I could not support such violence, so I asked a friend about nutrition advice, since he had done lots of research, and he sent me a book that continued the life-changing awareness. He sent me “The McDougall Plan”, by John McDougall MD, and Mary McDougall, RN. They never got into any animal abuse issues, they simply and clearly showed how awful animal products are for the human body. They gave facts and studies and real information. I was shocked and appalled that foods we had been forever told were necessary for our health were actually quite injurious to us. Well, I got up on my rather high horse and said something like “Hell no! Not me. I don’t support violence, and I don’t support poisoning.” The new year was coming up, so I decided to make it official, no more animal products as of January 1st, 1987.

And then the miracles began in earnest. I woke up on the morning of the fourth day with a strong and powerful urge to move my bowels. This is notable because in my entire remembered life my bowels never worked correctly. They were always stuck. I didn’t know how others dealt with their issues, and you don’t want to know how I had to deal with mine. So this was a rather interesting feeling. I hurried to that porcelain throne, and I didn’t even have to push. There was no pain, either. The peristalsis was working, the poop was moving, and it kept moving! I must have been pretty full of poop   The physical experience was delight-filled and ecstatic. I have a rather enthusiastic nature anyway, and this was a profoundly exciting event. I call it my orgasm dump. It was really that good!

Later that day, I was in my office at work, and a salesperson came in to talk. I did what I always had done, took a tissue and blew my nose first, because I was always clogged. But there was nothing there! My nose was clear, I was not stuffed up. I could talk and breathe. It was amazing, and I was in awe.

I was either born without or lost very early any sense of smell, and I have little sense of taste as well. I do have sweet sour bitter and salt, and textures.  It’s possible these are birth defects from my parents use of tobacco, which back then was not known to cause birth defects. Now they put it on the packages that tobacco causes birth defects, and yet that substance remains legal and literally impossible to avoid, while the beneficial healing, non-toxic, spiritual cannabis remains illegal. Sane society? Not so much. I digress, but how could I not, considering the next experience?

Another awesome experience awaited me as i walked into my office one day soon after my new vegetarian eating ways (vegan was not a word in much use or awareness yet); my co-worker had bought a dish from a local luncheonette and left it there for a bit. it was called honey-dipped fried chicken, and it had been my favorite. When I walked into that room that day, I actually smelled it! Oh my goodness! My first thought was actually pretty funny. I thought that maybe I would buy it from her and just smell it for the next four hours, or however long the smell would remain. Obviously, I did not do that.  I had absolutely no desire to eat it, and I remember thinking: “Why would anyone need to eat, if they could smell?”, and “ I really must be a vegetarian, because I have absolutely no desire to eat it, only to smell it.” I was finding it all quite miraculous and delightful. My senses never did fully blossom, but I have a whole lot more than I did, so now there are things that sometimes get through, and that’s a lot more than I had, and I am grateful.

I expected everyone to be as appalled at the abuses as I was, and as adamant about not supporting it. I really thought all I had to do was to tell people, and they would be as angered as I was, and stop supporting it too. I really believed we could stop factory farming in a month. But then I ran into the same wall again and again. “Yes, it’s terrible they do that to the animals, but it sure does taste good.” And people think that explains it well enough. I still believe we can stop it, and yes it can happen in a month. Why not? If enough people (a hundred and one monkeys of us) decide to only support kindly raised food, animal and vegetable, and really stick to it for at least a month, we can show our demand and desire for it.  The corporations who are profiting will see that they cannot continue to torture, abuse, and poison without consequence, and things will change. We the people have the power to change our world for better or worse with what we support, and what we refuse to support. Peace for all life really does begin with every one of us.

new to blogging and creating a website

hello all.  This post is being written to explain the lack of much content yet, and a hope that you will stick around, and maybe even contribute (to the website and to the ultimate goal of peace for all life–human critter plant and stone).  A friend just helped me set up this website, and I do currently live in a tent (for which i am so grateful and delighted!) without electric and internet, so i may be slow getting things up.  I  intend to continue to add more reasons why peace, truth and abundance are such better options than never-ending wars and lies and devastation, and how our choices do create our world.

My philosophy

Humans free to love

Critters free to roam

Plants free to grow

Spirit free to soar

It’s a philosophy of love peace and joy, with compassion and respect for ALL life.

For true peace to occur, we must include all life, not only all the humans.  We are all connected.  What we do to any other life form, we do to ourselves.  Compassion and forgiveness are essential tools for a peace-oriented world.

Do you believe peace on earth is possible? I do!

Hello all my relations!  I believe we can actually manifest a world of peace and harmonic abundance.  I hope to share these dreams and visions with you, and together we truly can manifest a world of love peace joy and compassion for all life, human critter plant and stone.  This is my hope, my prayer, my vision, my truth.