A prayer vigil for peace for ALL life

I believe we all have within us the capacity to live in peace with each other, and I see some of our governmental institutions actively forbidding that peaceful co-existence, and I am calling for that to change, and I intend to drink only water and take in no nutrition, beginning October 12th, 2015. *** Please see below re the fast. The fast had to end, but the prayer vigil continues.

I am asking President Obama to stop warring on peaceful people and profoundly beneficial plants, specifically cannabis, which gives us the best biomass renewable fuel on the planet, literally essential nutrition, extremely strong fibers, and healing non-toxic medicine, that heals by gently raising people’s spirits, making it a spiritual teacher.

I am asking the president to immediately free Leonard Peltier, a native Lakota man who has been unjustly imprisoned for 40 years.

I am calling on the president to declare the Yellowstone Bison a Protected National Treasure, and stop the annual slaughter of the only remaining genetically intact and truly wild bison left, who reside in Yellowstone Park. 

I am calling on President Obama to acknowledge that we are not in fact a nation born of liberty and justice for all, but are in fact a nation originally begun over 500 years ago, formed from the horrors of genocide, enslavement, and ongoing devastation, which appallingly continue in many forms to this day.

Truth is the first casualty of war, and truth may set us free.  I intend to do my part, by fasting near the White House, drinking water only, and sharing hopeful notions with many people of how we can actually accomplish these tasks, and together manifest a world of vibrant peace and multi-faceted abundance.  I intend to begin this fast on October 12th, as a protest to what many call columbus day, which is in reality a day to mourn the beginning of 500 years of ongoing genocide.  It must cease, so I shall fast and pray for peace.

Update, I am so sorry I was unable to go the distance with the water only fast, but I am still in DC, advocating for true peace for ALL life–human critter plant stone and yes our very spirit. It is a prayer vigil for peace. May we all pray, whatever that means to each of us, may each of us refuse war and hatred and lies and violence of any and all kinds. True peace must include us all–all the humans, all the critters, all the plants, all the rocks and stones and all our natural resources, yes our very spirit. Peace for all, at every moment. This is my prayer. Please join me.